Recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups (Candy)

When it comes to Easter candy, all I ever wanted as a kid (and pre-teen…and adult) was Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.  There’s just something about the saltiness of the peanut butter and sweetness of the chocolate.  You can keep the jelly beans, Peeps (bleh!), and bunny-shaped chocolate.

Since mass-produced peanut butter cups don’t fit into a real food lifestyle (they contain a preservative called TBHQ) I had to figure out a way to satisfy my candy need in a real way.  OK, it’s probably more of a want, but sometimes it seems like I need it.

This recipe is 100% real, is very similar to store-bought candy – maybe even better, and completely satisfies a salty/sweet craving.  They don’t look as perfect as store-bought peanut butter cups, but that makes me love them even more.  Kind of like when mashed potatoes have lumps in them you know they’re homemade.

You can make these many different ways – mini muffin liners, candy molds, layered, swirled…there are endless options.  They are rather rich, so I would recommend making small bite-sized versions.  The candy pictured below was made with a candy mold I purchased at an arts and crafts store.  They were a little difficult to remove, so next time I’d use mini muffin paper liners.


Perfectly imperfect

Perfectly imperfect


Choc PB Cups Recipe

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