Recipe: Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

When we first made our switch to a real food lifestyle, I was at a complete loss about how to make dinner side dishes that would qualify.  That was the meal category which we relied on convenience foods the most.

I soon realized that, yes, real food side dishes will take a little bit more time.  However, the end result is so much more delicious.  And when I do make side dishes that are a little more involved, I make sure the other components of the meal are super simple just to balance the work load.

This recipe isn’t extremely involved, but it is a bit more work than opening a package of convenient, pre-seasoned dried rice or potato mixes (which we totally used to do).

One of the great things about this cheesy mashed potato recipe is that the sweet potatoes add so much nutritional value AND add great color that make them appear to be similar to more traditional cheesy potatoes.



Cheesy Mashed Potatoes Recipe


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