Recipe: Honey Mustard Dressing

One of the most difficult food categories to let go of with a real food lifestyle is condiments.  At least it has been for my family.  Mainly because the only alternative is to make them at home as it’s very rare to find qualifying store-bought options.

This recipe for honey mustard dressing is so simple and delicious, though, that you can slowly start to transition store-bought dressings out of your fridge.

The good news about homemade condiments is that they are extremely versatile and are usually made in small batches.  That means you can mix it up next time  by adding what you have on hand without much time or energy lost.

Oh and, P.S., Kraft honey mustard dressing is made of 26 ingredients including caramel color and sorbic acid.

Try this honey mustard dressing on salad or as a dip for homemade chicken fingers!

Honey Mustard Dressing | Three Plates

Recipe Image Honey Mustard Dressing

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