Recipe: Spinach Carrot Hot Slaw

I recently purchased a 5-pound bag of whole, organic carrots.  Why so many?  For no other reason than they were ridiculously cheap and I’m a sucker for a sale.  So, carrots made an appearance almost in everything that week.  One of the side dishes that was a result of my impulse carrot purchase was this yummy spinach carrot hot slaw.  There are probably laws against calling a dish slaw if it doesn’t have some kind of mayo or vinegar dressing.  Oh well.  This recipe does not have a sauce, but “slaw” just seemed like the best way to describe it.  I’m such a rebel.

Because spinach wilts quite a bit as it cooks, the yield for this recipe is on the small side.  In fact, we used it as a topping for our chicken when we made it.  You could definitely double or triple it to make it more of a hearty side dish, though.

Spinach Carrot Hot Slaw | Three Plates


Spinach Carrot Hot Slaw_Recipe Image

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